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irctc madness
circa 2000 I registered an account with irctc. Since I did not have a credit card, I did not use the account for a long time and forgot about it. Several years later when I got a card, I registered afresh and was using the account regularly. The other day the account got deactivated. I tried to register afresh - error, email id already registered. I tried with a different email id - error, mobile number already registered. I mailed customer care and they told me that by creating 2 accounts with the same email id/mobile number, I am in breach of the terms and conditions of the website and hence am banned - I am now waiting for the railway police to turn up with handcuffs.

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To buy a ticket from IRCTC, you don't need to have credit card. You can use your net banking account or debit card also.

that is now - at first they only accepted credit cards.


I was told Lawyers have special privilege - they should not be handcuffed Is it True? - Raman.P

they *should* be handcuffed.

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