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the conference that never was
so finally the opposition got together to organise a transparent, democratic, community conference to expose foss.in. Support snowballed - then came a lowlife called Kalia - took a prominent role in the fledgling conference without a name, and then one fine day he defected to the other side. Boom - no conference. Lessons learnt:

1. No edifice built on sand will stand long
2. Never trust a php guy.

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> that too at such a short notice?

AFAIR, mukt.in v1, was organised in < 30 days.
Turned out > 150 people to the event.

With help of couple of really good Samaritan speakers from foss community chennai, 1 Sun employee, 1 supporter from nrc-foss, foss enthu students, word-of-mouth(email) publicity in ilugc and 2 co-founders burning cash off their tiny pockets.

One of the co-founders definitely had the every intend to prove that so called "lowlifes" in foss can make a difference. And it did get proved.

I am sure, NNC could have done it/can do it still.
Just need to stick firm on the ground.

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