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the conference that never was
so finally the opposition got together to organise a transparent, democratic, community conference to expose foss.in. Support snowballed - then came a lowlife called Kalia - took a prominent role in the fledgling conference without a name, and then one fine day he defected to the other side. Boom - no conference. Lessons learnt:

1. No edifice built on sand will stand long
2. Never trust a php guy.

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So how did that "expose" foss.in ?

Re: foss.in

Who care for exposing & they make fun of me when I told name of my college....maybe only IIT student is allowed in foss.in.....we need nice floss conferencee that allow all to speak on the linux work they do........

as anyone who has anything to do with foss knows, students of elite institutions are the last people to get involved in foss. The only foss in foss.in is the 'foss' in the title. They are about creating a caste system in the community.

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