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the conference that never was
so finally the opposition got together to organise a transparent, democratic, community conference to expose foss.in. Support snowballed - then came a lowlife called Kalia - took a prominent role in the fledgling conference without a name, and then one fine day he defected to the other side. Boom - no conference. Lessons learnt:

1. No edifice built on sand will stand long
2. Never trust a php guy.

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Re: Dont feed the trolls

in the first place, I am not an organiser in noname conf. My role is limited to attending the conference and giving armchair advice to the organisers.

in the second place, I think you should study history. The first few highly successful linux-bangalore conference was *not* the efforts of the current 'team foss.in'. The current 'team' hijacked the original conference and has been running it for personal profit ever since.

I am afraid that I am unable to learn to respect people who, without contributing a line of code to anything are spreading the philosophy that contribution to code is the be all and end all of contribution. I am of the firm belief that contribution to foss includes - advocacy, conducting workshops in colleges for students and staff, translation, installation of foss labs in colleges, contributing code, contributing documentation, helping people to install and configure, and, most important, talking about foss. The ability to talk distinguishes us from apes - talk is not cheap. Foss.in is an insult to the vast majority of the Indian Foss community. And no self respecting Indian member of the foss community would be found dead there.

Wow :D "hijacked" and "personal profit" ??

Seems you were standing behind the doors (like every balaji telefilms serial) and listening to their secret meeting

I am not Atul Chitnis fan nor a member of the team.

foss.in for me (and for coming there) is a FOSS event.

Did you ever count the Line of Code contributed to FOSS in the event? Did you see the rise in number of people contributing to the foss after the event?

Bashing people is more easier than contributing code. And you chose an easier alternative.

Re: Dont feed the trolls

where is the code contributed during the event? and foss is not about contribution of code. It is far more than that. And actually contribution of code is easy and fun - it is the other aspects of contribution that is difficult, time consuming, unrewarding and tedious. Foss.in insults all these people who do this.

lines of code != quality of code != practical purpose of code != "sole contribution that foss needs"

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