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pycon India rocks again
well pycon india took place again. Audience up from 350 last year to 650 this year. Talks were better, organisation good, venue comfortable. We also had the first AGM of the Indian Python Software Society. It went well. It is a great achievement to carry on for 2 years in India without a single split, major fight or walk out. Probably because people are more dedicated to python than to their egos? Next year in Chennai. Let us see how that works out. So far many organisations have planned to hold their conferences in different cities every time - but it has never worked out since the organisers are usually so desperate to hold on to their positions as netas that they have never succeeded in letting the event out of their sights. Except for David Goodger's keynote and Noufal's talk on the road to pycon, I did not manage to catch a full session.