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how complete is the migration
I have always wondered: when Indians migrate to the US, do they also migrate to using toilet paper? I remember my brothers used to always stock up on plastic mugs whenever they returned to the promised land. Now that one is permanently here and the other is permanently there, I no longer have first-hand information. However I notice that bum-washing technology has grown by leaps and bounds in India. A lot of people have installed a sort of spray - which looks like the thing my grandmother used to use to water her roses. And I have found hotels in Maharashtra that have a nozzle built into the toilet seat - look ma: no hands!

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Technology still has a long way to go on this one.

it all depends on the availability of water. When I used to live in the villages of Tamilnadu, there were three options:

1. Go into the fields with a mug of water (women had to go before sunrise or after dark.

2. Go into the fields without water and then to the nearest pond to wash

3. In western tamilnadu, in places where there are no ponds with water most of the year, use a pebble.

In Burma, they used a twig and in Arabia, just sand.

> In Burma, they used a twig and in Arabia, just sand.

Wait.. what?.. sand?.. Ouch.

actually research shows that jihadis are more interested in escaping sand on their bums than on getting the seven virgins on reaching paradise

Well those who did migrate completely, definitely have dirty bums I think :D

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