lawgon (lawgon) wrote,

out of limbo

suddenly realised I had been using mandrake/mandriva for more than 4 years - only one complaint: not too good for developing with things like C++. Not that I know anything about C++, but I needed to install some libraries for something I was doing - and it wasnt working in Mandriva. So took backup and slotted in Fedora10. Install was ok - but I just couldnt get my tataindicom modem working even after 2 days. Tried Mandriva2009 - same problem. Then Fedora9 - same problem. In Mandriva2008 kppp worked out of the box, but in none of the other distros could it even query the modem. Finally I was so desperate I tried Kubuntu latest. That was the funniest - installation over, reboot and it goes into an infinite loop of testing memory. Slept over the problem and decided - OK, come what may, I will get fedora10 working. Sat down and did it. Finally it all boiled down to b0rked vsnl nameservers. Once I figured out how to use opendns servers in fedora, everything was solved.
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