lawgon (lawgon) wrote,

Call for participation in foss in India conference (the low hanging fruit post)

This is the long awaited call for participation for the national foss in India conference. This conference is the biggest foss conference in the world and will be conducted over hundreds of centres all over India and involve thousands of participants. How do I participate?

You can participate by any of the following:

1. contribute code - any type of code - kernel if you know how, application software or anything you are itching to set right

2. documentation - find something you learnt how to do - document it

3. translation - India has 35 major languages, and native speakers need to see apps in their own language - do it. Even if you just translate one phrase, that is one more addition to the database

4. IRC - get on irc and help out there

5. Mailing lists: get on mailing lists and help out there - but never make the mistake of getting on moderated mailing lists

6. Indian railways: this is now the most user friendly way to travel - I once conducted a LDD on the Nilgiri Express from Ooty to Chennai

7. Airports: open your laptop and sit near some suit with doze - boot linux and sneer at him. I have had good results here too

8. Even if you do not have a gps device you can always use potlach to trace things in your city

9. Go to a hardware dealer - buy something. Show him how it works on linux.

How do I register for the conference?

You do not need to register. Just go and scratch your itch

When will the conference start?

It has already started - it is on-going

Yes, but what about roadmaps, deliverables and schedules?

Hey, this is FOSS. We do not have such things. No successful FOSS project has ever had any of these things. Every successful project starts with a vague idea of making some small improvement or hoping something will be useful.

You mean we have to work 365 days a year and 24 hours a day?

Up to you. But we are having a 5 day holiday in November when a bunch of jokers are going to illustrate how not to do foss

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